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The town of Dalyan is located on the Turkish south west coast and is surrounded by natural beauty.  Originally a fishing village (the name Dalyan comes from the unique fishing nets used in the area) it still retains much of this charm with a long harbour front stretching almost the length of the town which is lined with traditional boats.  The town and local area is protected thanks to the natural beauty and of course our resident turtles.

Dalyan is located just 25 km's from the International Dalaman Airport thus making for pleasant transfer times, further it is conveniently located for visiting other holiday centres such as Marmaris or Fethiye which are both around 1 hours drive from Dalyan.

As well as the protected nature Dalyan offers historical landmarks to its visitors, one will find it hard to miss the imposing Lycian Rock tombs that over look the town from the cliffs just across the canal.  Just a short walk from these we come to the ancient city of Caunos dating back around 3000 years.  Here we find both Roman and Lycian period buildings, currently we can see a church, theatre as well as the fortifications on the hillside.  Currently it is predicted that only around one third to one half of the site has been excavated and archaeologists are working on the remainder of the site.

Without a doubt Dalyan's most famous but rarely seen icon is the Loggerhead (Caretta Caretta) Turtle, the 7km IzTuzu beach was due to be developed with the construction of a large hotel however many people (including the UK's David Bellamy) lobbied for the preservation of this beach.  Thankfully the lobbyists succeeded and now the beach and surrounding area is protected for the Turtles and other wildlife that can be found in abundance.  Today the beach is closed at night to allow the Turtles to come ashore and bred and once hatched the babies can make their way unhindered into the sea.


Further Köyceğiz lake and the Dalyan canal are one of the last remaining habitats for the Nile Turtle who's numbers are believed to be as low as 1000, it is estimated that the Dalyan/Köyceğiz area is home to around 800 of these rare and special Turtles.

As well as Turtles we are lucky to live among many stalks who use the trees and telegraph poles around Dalyan for their nests and return year on year to bred.  For bird lovers the wetlands around Dalyan provide a great habitat to all kinds of birds.

Dalyan offers many other attractions such as mud baths, thermal springs, amber forests and great walking and cycling country.