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   Things To Do in Dalyan

Various trips are organized every day in Dalyan.In addition, organized excursions to the surrounding environment. We can participate as long as your stay in Dalyan are some suggestions of excursions and tours.

Dalyan Boat Trips

You can also go to Kaunos by boats leaving from Dalyan. From the wharf near the ruins reachable from Dalyan by boat it is just a 10 minutes walk to the remains of the ancient city of Kaunos. Those coming by yachts can drop anchor around Delikli Ada and go ashore by small boat. Kaunos was a significant trading port, though it lost its strategic importance as the alluvial sands filled the harbour. Pleasure boats pass through the Dalyan River – a nesting site for loggerhead turtles – on their way to the ruins of ancient Caunos and Iztuzu beach. And finally there is a fountain of youth: in the form of mud baths which was visited also many famous people. It is fun, it is rejuvenating and it, surely, is great chance for an unusual snapshot.




Ekincik Bay Tour

Ekincik Bay is an excellent place to relax and take a break for swimming and sunbathing. You sail down the river from Dalyan to the open sea. After passing the island with the hole through it, just off Iztuzu beach, we bear right towards the impressive bay of Ekincik. In snorkellers paradise there is a cave, where you can jump into the crystal clear water and snorkel through the cave to the other side, where the boat will pick you up again. In the cave, there is lots of underwater life and fantastic coloured rock formations. Once everybody is back on board, you sail on to another smaller bay.

Radar Station

It's one of the high mountains, which is in the east of the İztuzu coast. It's a steep mountain. It's possible to climb the mountain from a slope in northwest, facing the canals. The mountain is covered with pine trees. There's a radar on the top of the mountain. Upon viewing from the radar nature looks incredibly fabulous.A striking panoramic picture of the geographic formation of the Dalyan region. When you look down from 600 meters height, you can see the İztuzu coast, the İztuzu Lake, Delik Ada, the entrance of Ekincik Bay, the canals, the lakes in the canals, Kaunos, the town of Dalyan, the Köyceğiz Lake and the mountains. But first you must get a permission to enter the radar. The transportation route is first İztuzu motorway, then the stabilized forest path on the left.



Sultaniye Thermal Trip

When you travel from Köyceğiz and go to Ekincik through Hamitköy you will see a sign saying Sultaniye Thermal Spring. You travel for 500 metres further in from the sign to get there.

You can also get there by boats that run daily from Köyceğiz, Dalyan and Ekincik. Some of the boat tours also stop at or go to the hot spring. In the region you will hear many stories of how people that were brought in a wheel chair or on a stretcher were healed and walked after a series of 21 curing treatments. We will leave it to you whether to believe these tales or not.

Caretta Caretta Monitoring Trip

Since 1986 Turkey has taken steps towards the conservation of wildlife. Today there are 385,000 hectares of protected land in Turkey, 38,500 of which are in Dalyan. Within part of this area is the protected beach where the Loggerhead Turtle, (scientific name Carretta Carretta) come to nest. The Loggerhead Turtle is designated as threatened on the Federal Fish and Wildlife Endangered Species List. These Turtles with their large heads, (the name Loggerhead comes from the fact that they have oversized heads), and reddish brown shells come to Iztuzu beach to nest from May - September. They have yellowish to white undersides and can measure up to three - four feet in length. These Turtles are air-breathing Reptiles, which have a special gland that allows them to drink seawater.



Göcek 12 Islands Tour

No other boat trip in Turkey can match the beauty of the Göcek 12-islands. In Göcek you will board the comfortable gulet. The coastline is of mountains plunging into the depths of the sea and of small, golden sandy bays. The sea is crystal clear to extreme depths. Vertigo sufferers beware! Any one view has a thousand shades of blue intermingled with sea greens and the sparkling, dazzling reflection of the sun in the rippling waves. You will stop off numerous times for dips in the sea, strolls along the sand, paddling in Cleopatra’s pool and for an amazing onboard lunch. If people have been to Dalyan six years then they have been on the Göcek 12 island trip six times.

Yuvarlak Cay Tour (Top Gozu)


Escape the heat and try an evening meal somewhere different. An opportunity to leave Dalyan and get a feel for the mountains. Evening meal in a beautiful restaurant seated over fast running water whilst enjoying fresh water trout or lamb kebab. Take a 10 minute walk through the gorge to the source of the spring and have a chance to cool off in icy water before returning for your supper.



Jeep Safari Tour

After the general safety briefing from the guides, once everybody has fastened his seat belts the safari can start. The first part is over country lanes through small Turkish villages. The area is known for its cotton fields, citrus farms and amber trees. Tour have a short break in the Amber forest you can smell the unique odour of the amber tree. Let’s off road, into the mountains to the hidden spring of the Yuvarlak river. To reach the spring you have to walk a short part through the shallow fast running cold river. The spring is hidden under a huge old tree; you can see water flowing abundantly. A short ride on to the small restaurant where you will be seated on platforms build over the fast running cold river.

Rafting (Dalaman)

Rafting Enjoy rafting in the Dalaman River; its grade 3-4 white water rapids (rivers are graded from 1 to 6; 1 being flat, 6 being impassable). At the river base, meet the guides who explain the day ahead and equip you with life jackets and helmets, before the 90 minutes driver on remote forest roads to the Maden Kopru, where the river is crossed by one of its bridges. Here rafts are unloaded, you are equipped with your gear, and the guide explains what to do in the raft. Each raft carries up to six people and is under the control of an expert guide. The route passes through a remote area of narrow gorges and pine forests and finally under the arches of a 2000 year old Roman bridge, Akkopru. Overnight in Dalyan.



Oludeniz Tour

Fethiye is well worth a visit. There are now many hotels and restaurants, mostly situated around the marina. Every week "Tuesdays" there is a market where most things can be found. Drive to Fethiye, you will be passing through some breathtaking mountain. Once in Fethiye, you will be taken to the market place for a chance to buy some Turkish wares. Later, lunch will be served in a famous restaurant near the deserted Greek village Kayakoy. And, your guide will tell you the interesting story relating to this old deserted Greek village. Of course for many, the highlights of this trip will be our visit to Oludeniz "Blue Lagoon" one of the most photographed scenes in Turkey. After a short break for swimming, this beautiful place concludes trip.

Waterfall Tour

In Koycegiz, there are 2km of lake side promenade, a beach, and camping area surrounded by Insence trees. Koycegiz lake is quiet untill noon for canoe and rowing sports, but during the afternoon a breeze blows, making the conditions ideal for both windsurfing and sailing. Koycegiz is one of the few places in the world where you can see the famous frankincense tree (Liquid amber). Also, Koycegiz and the surrounding environment is a protected area.




Fethiye Saklikent Gorge Tour

Saklikent is translated as hidden paradise and it was discovered by a shepherd many years ago. Until the time of discovery nobody realized how mysterious and beautiful the deep canyon was. Saklikent is a 15km canyon and one of the longest in the world. Walking in the fresh invigorating water of the canyon is really fun. The smell of nature and trekking in the canyon will give you a good appetite.
After a good restaurant lunch you will be taken to one of the most important and atmospheric cities of Lycian Federation. Tlos is one of the largest settlements of Lycians who settled in the area between Caria and Pamphylia. At the ruins you will see the relics of Lycian and Roman times. The talented craftsmen of this ancient city created amazing works of arts.

Koycegiz Market Tour

This excursion is a full day picturesque boat trip comprising of an opportunity to swim in the tranquility of Köycegiz the lake.This is followed by a visit to Köycegiz Market about 2 hours.Lunch will be provided on the boat courtesy of Ali,your genial captain.On the return journey the excursion stops at the Sultaniye Hot Spring and Mud Baths.Before going into the mud and spring water take off all your silver jewelleries




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